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Dam cam goes in deep!

To thoroughly investigate the pipe/culvert that runs through the dam, the engineering team sent a camerabot into the pipe and took what we believe is the first even film footage of the inside of the dam!

The footage reveals a hidden chamber the team was unaware of before, a working penstock and a broken penstock. Enjoy!

4 Responses to “Dam cam goes in deep!”

  1. Stefan Szulc says:

    Thanks Lizzie for the info and great video footage. Have you any info that might give an indication to the scale of the chambers and penstock. What was the condition of the chambers and will the broken penstock be repaired?

  2. lizziethatcher says:

    Hey Stefan

    Good questions. I’m sure I can find out the measurements of the penstock etc – I’ll speak to the team next week.

    Yes, the penstock will be repaired (or is repaired) – the last time I spoke to the engineers was on Thursday, so they could have made progress since then. Again I’ll ask next week and see if I can find out how they repaired it.

    Glad you liked the footage.

  3. This is some awesome stuff! Why do you think this chamber wasn’t recorded? And what is it’s purpose exactly?

    You really should install some social networking plug-ins to this blog so that people can share your posts on facebook, twitter etc. Give me a bell if you would like some help :)

  4. lizziethatcher says:

    I’ll ask the engineering team if they have any theories they can share on the blog about the chamber. Glad you enjoy the blog. I’ll see what I can do to add some plugins.