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Pool Road update!

Lots of you have been asking (including Brownhills Bob) about whether Pool Road that runs across the top of the dam will now be open.

As I said to Stefan (a regular commenter on the blog), I need to refer to colleagues at the county council for answers to your questions, so sometimes they take a little longer to answer – so thanks to you all for your patience!

The county team has come back to me and explained that whilst the plug has gone back in, the road won’t be open til the works are complete (early/mid next year), and said to thank you for your patience.

The team at the county are also pulling together some information about the next steps (and dates in more detail) in the project to keep you all up to date on what to expect next.

Cheers and have a lovely weekend!


8 Responses to “Pool Road update!”

  1. stymaster says:

    Lizzie, given the road and pathway over the dam are likely to remain closed for some time, would it be possible to put signs up (for example, at the Wharf Lane bridge) warning people there’s still no access? I’d not been to Chasewater for some time, and mistakenly assumed the path would be open, so to have to retrace steps and take in the diversion via Wharf Lane was a pain.

  2. lizziethatcher says:

    Hi Stymaster,

    I will pass your suggestion onto the county team who are now managing the works, and see if they can sort some signs out ;)


  3. Paul says:

    How about access to chasewater from the canal path? its been blocked for a long time now and Im sure with some creative thinking a gate or something could be put in place.

  4. Paul says:


    Please can you if possible pass on a suggestion. Would it be possible to just open up the Dam road (pool road) as before with a barrior in the middle?
    The road was getting used as a short cut from the A5 to the new Burntwood bypass. I believe this caused or did not help the Dam leaking as it was not designed to have heavy lorry traffic running across it. Also the width restriction barriors kept on getting vandalised to let bigger vehicles through.



    Pray for rain!

  5. lizziethatcher says:

    I’ll pass on your suggestions and ask the team at the county to update you on their plans for the reopening,

  6. lizziethatcher says:

    I’ll pass on your suggestion to the team. That said, within the scope of the dam works, the team aren’t looking at other improvements, but it may be your suggestions can be fed into future works.

  7. Like several of the people who have enquired, together with my wife we reece’d a walk in Chasewater 1st nov taking in west of the res’, no mans bank, cuckoo bank up to prospect village and along the ridge to wimblebury, returning into the “park” and walking to the east side of the res’, only to discover both the footpath and road were closed at the dam!. So a planned 9 mile walk turned out to be a 11 mile walk! Had there been detail of the closure displayed at the car park adjacent to the “inn cen” we could have avoided the unnecessary diversion. We will be leading a walking group on the 13th Nov and will of course will stay west of the res’ unless that is the footpath over the dam is open then or you can advise an alternative. Geoff Prosser. Short day walks Sec’ Wulfrun walkers” Home Tele; 01902 790409.

  8. See my comment of 2nd Nov, issues now sorted thanks to the help given by staff at the Innovation Centre. Geoff Prosser. 11th Nov.