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November 2011 update

Most of the main works to the north of the canal are now complete, although we still have to install drainage pipes through the sheet piles and carry out further landscaping works on the north eastern area next to pool cottages.

The repair works to the canal basin are also nearing completion, although the reconstruction of a concrete cover slab over the drawdown outlet is still to be done. This should be cast within the next few days.

Water levels in the reservoir are rising, albeit quite slowly at the moment. The water is now almost level with the top of the sheet piled dam around the inlet to the drawdown tunnel.

The two valves in the main valve house which are used to release water from the reservoir into the canal have been repaired – one of them had jammed shut and the spindle which operates it sheared away – if you watch our video Dam Cam Goes in Deep – you can see this in detail.

The maintenance regime that we have introduced for the valves will mean that we will have to open them briefly from time to time to ensure that they remain operational, but there is a secondary valve further downstream in the drawdown culvert which will make sure that we do not lose too much water from the reservoir during these tests.

Most of the construction activity is now concentrated on the Nine Foot Pool area. We recently completed the overflow bridge wing walls and started backfilling this and the sheet piled cut off wall.

Work is progressing well on the construction of the bases to the retaining walls which will run either side of the spillway area downstream of the weir.

Because of Galliford Try’s planned construction sequence and the need to have access through the whole of the Nine Foot Pool and spillway area, it is likely that the weir itself will be the last structure to be built in the New Year.


The SCC team

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