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As you will be aware, due to the hazards associated with the construction works at the site, members of the public have been prevented access to most areas since November 2010 for their own safety.

However, because of the good progress that we have made, we are pleased to be able let you know that we are able to open Pool Road to pedestrians over the Christmas period. Galliford Try will be closing the construction site down for Christmas tomorrow (Wednesday 21 December) when they will be making arrangements for walkers to be able to cross the overflow bridge at the Nine Foot Pool, and so have access along the whole length of the eastern dam.

Unfortunately, we will have to close this access off again when we return to the site on Wednesday 4 January 2012 to enable us to complete the works in this area and will remain closed until completion of the works in the spring of 2012.

However, we hope that this temporary access will allow members of the public to enjoy use of the park over the Christmas break, and we ask that the safety requirements are again respected at the end of this Christmas period.

6 Responses to “Pool Road temporarily opens”

  1. Stefan Szulc says:

    Any more news?

  2. Gareth Evans says:

    Hi Lizzie

    Are there any further updatesd from the county team?

  3. Tom says:

    How is the work going? Have not been able to go down and have a look due to illness. Nothing been on here since December. County not keeping upto date.

  4. lizziethatcher says:

    Hi Tom

    We are trying to keep it up to date as we can, but the updates aren’t as regular as they were before. Sorry. As soon as I get an update I’ll post it.
    I hope you get well soon.

  5. lizziethatcher says:

    Hi Gareth,
    I’m posting them when I get them. Sorry they aren’t as regular as they were.

  6. lizziethatcher says:

    Hi Stefan
    I’m posting updates when I get them. If you have any particular questions – let me know and I’ll pass them to the team at SCC.