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This blog is now closed

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this blog over the last few years. It’s been a great way to tell you all about the work that’s taken place at Chasewater, and we’ve been bowled over the the amount of public interest, involvement and support for the blog.

Now the the works are complete we are no longer going to be using the blog to communicate news about the dam or reservoir. News updates will be issued by the press office at Staffordshire County Council. To keep up to date on any news visit www.staffordshire.gov.uk

Thanks again to everyone who has commented, given their support (their moans or the ir groans) on this blog. We very much hope that the blog helped you to understand the works in hand and that you felt more informed as a result.

Kind regards

Lizzie & Neil.

6 Responses to “This blog is now closed”

  1. Blodwen Williams says:

    Living in Cannock Wood I have the Chase on the doorstep to go for walks. However had a lovely stroll round Chasewater yesterday and was very impressed. This is my first visit to this blog and will enjoy reading it from 2009 (only info from local paper). Need more time, but pleased to see the photos from 2009.
    My only regret is the lack of motor access from Pool Rd as I like to visit the Innovation Centre, dislike the A5 and don’t always have time to walk from Station Caf. On the other hand the ‘broad walk’ is great.
    Many thanks for the blog.

  2. Tahnks to you both for the updates over the past couple of years.
    All the best – John (CWS)

  3. John Wilson says:

    Thanks for all the blogging Lizzie. Very refreshing to have such a fine example of open government.

    All the best

  4. lizziethatcher says:

    Thank you so much John. It’s been a pleasure doing it and it’s nice to know people found it useful.

  5. lizziethatcher says:

    Thank you John – it’s been a pleasure

  6. lizziethatcher says:

    Thank you for your lovely comments – I hope you carry on enjoying Chasewater.