Key milestones delivered so far

Since July 2018 a team at Lichfield District Council has:

  • Completed the purchase of the police station.
  • Carried out survey work on buildings within the Birmingham Road Site.
  • Made the Birmingham Road Site safe – this included working out whether we needed to remove the underground tanks on the former garage site, which we do not need to do at this stage as environmental specialists have confirmed they are not a hazard.
  • Achieved planning permission for a short-term plan for the Birmingham Road Site, which includes the demolition of the police station and other buildings. See planning application.
  • Appointed consultants to take forward a planning application for the short-term plan.
  • Held consultation events on the wider city centre plan and the Birmingham Road Site in spring 2019.
  • Approved the short-term plans for the Birmingham Road Site – approved by the Planning Committee in July 2019.
  • Appointed consultants who will work with the council to develop a wider city centre master plan in August 2019.
  • Approved the appointment of contractors to deliver the temporary works – September 2019.

We’ll keep this section updated as we complete more actions. If you have any questions about recent actions, check out our blog for the latest position, or email