Short-term improvements

We know local residents and businesses want us to sort out something on the site as soon as possible – before we develop our wider master plan. We also share this aspiration.

We want to make the site more useful and attractive in the short-term and have a plan that we hope will be both cost effective, whilst at the same time beneficial to the local community, and will greatly improve the visual look and feel of the area.

The short-term plan balances the costs of making the site safe and usable until the longer-term development of the site starts, and using council tax payers’ money in the best possible way.

The plan includes:

  • The former police station and surrounding walls/garages demolished.
  • The bus station/car park extended to include the former police station site – this will provide extra short-term bus and coach parking, and some additional short-term public car parking spaces.
  • The other buildings in the bus station demolished, including the public toilets (see re-provision of toilets below).
  • The site will also include soft landscaping, better access through the site between the city and the train station, improved bus station facilities and new temporary toilet facilities.
  • Improving the grey hoardings, displaying Visit Lichfield promotional images to make them more attractive and to promote all that Lichfield District has to offer.

All these activities will help to facilitate the overall ambitions for longer term plans for the site.

Our planned timeframe

  • July 2019 – Planning application approved Lichfield District Council’s Planning Committee, subject to conditions. View the planning application.
  • September 2019 – Contractors appointed to carry out temporary works. Find out more.
  • TBC late 2019/early 2020 – Temporary scheme work starts on site.
  • TBC 2020 – Temporary scheme works complete.