Advice for young people

One of the main reasons many young people fall into debt is housing. Lots of young people fall into debt after moving out of their family home or care home, when they start having to look after themselves, which can be very challenging both emotionally and financially.

We can try to help you stay at home

If you are 16 or over, and your parents want you to leave home, due to a disagreement or bad feelings, please contact Lichfield District Council’s housing team onĀ 01543 308715, Monday – Friday 9am – 5.15pm.

Whilst, after an argument, leaving home may seem the best thing to do, it can be very disruptive to your education and happiness, and it’s sometimes much better to see if you can resolve your problems and stay at home – even temporarily, perhaps until your college course finishes for example.

When you contact us we will try to help you resolve the problems you have with your parents/guardians, through mediation, and try to make it possible for you to stay at home.

If you are at risk of violence or abuse at home we will not insist on mediation. And, if you are over 16, your wishes cannot be overruled by your parent(s), and/or social services, as they cannot force you to go back home.

If you and your parents/guardians agree to mediation, we may be able to temporarily house you until the mediation has been arranged and the situation has been sorted out.

If you and your parent/guardians cannot resolve your issues during mediation, then we will work with you to assess you for other accommodation.

More advice

If you are in debt, find out about more help and advice you can get.