Going to court

If a creditor issues a claim against you in the county court:

  • Read the instructions the court will send you. You will have three options: admit the debt and make an offer to pay; defend against all or part of the debt if you believe you do not legally owe it; or make a counterclaim against the creditor. There are very strict time limits to reply to claim forms.
  • If you admit the debt and return the “admission” form, the court will use this information to decide what instalments you should pay.
  • If you believe you are not legally liable for the debt, get advice urgently.
  • Most county court action for credit debts is all done through the post, but if you get notice that a hearing has been arranged you should always attend and take a copy of your budget sheet with you.
  • Don’t think that going to the county court makes you a criminal – it’s not that kind of court.
  • The District Judges in the county court will not send you to prison and there is no jury.
  • Always keep copies of any letters or court forms you send or receive