Universal Credit

Universal Credit claims commence at Lichfield Jobcentre from 23rd March 2015. Visit www.gov.uk\universal-credit for more info on how this may affect you.

Welfare reform changes in 2013

In 2013 the government is making big changes to housing benefit, introducing a new benefits cap, and launching universal credit that will see people on a range of benefits getting a single payment once a month.

The government has also asked local councils (which is Lichfield District Council locally) to introduce a new local council tax support scheme to replace council tax benefit.

Most of the changes won’t affect pensioners, but the changes to disability living allowance and the way pension credit is paid are also being introduced.

The changes could mean lots of working age people locally will have a lot less money, and may struggle with debt issues as a result. To find out more abut the changes, download a handy booklet created by Lichfield District Council.

A new website launched to help people with debt in Lichfield District

Nearly everyone has some form of debt – such as a credit card debt, loan or mortgage. But if you are having problems paying your bills, you should get help as soon as possible.

Being in debt can feel very lonely, especially if you haven’t told anyone about your problems, or started to deal with it. But the truth is you are not alone and it is not something you should feel ashamed of! It is estimated that nearly two million people in the UK owe more than £10,000 on credit cards, overdrafts or other unsecured loans!

The Lichfield District Strategic Partnership has developed a website to help hundreds of other people in Lichfield District to work their way out of debt, and to make the right choices along the way.

To find out more contact elizabeth.thatcher@lichfielddc.gov.uk