Green Route

Stiles are shown in blue

This will take roughly an hour and a half. Click on the map and it will come up on a page of its own where you can resize it before printing it out.

Remember to wear good stout shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather conditions, plus it’s also advisable to take a mobile phone with you.

The Countryside Code

  • Dispose of rubbish in the correct places.
  • Obey fire guidelines or restrictions
  • Plan ahead and follow signs when out walking, leaving property as you found it.
  • Close all gates
  • Leave livestock well alone, especially ones that are bigger and have larger horns than you.
  • Keep to paths where possible and don’t cross hedges or walls unless there are stiles or gates.
  • Always prepare for a variety of weather
  • Use your common sense.

Green Route – Approx 90 minutes

This route involves walking along the canal towpath and the footpath alongside the main road. The first half mile or so will be familiar to you if you’ve walked the Red Route.

Starting from the Chadwick Arms, turn left along School Lane and down the hill, past the school, to the end of the houses at the bottom.

Turn right along the public footpath to Uttoxeter Road. From the path you can see across the fields to the Football Pitch further down School Lane.

At the end of the path turn right along the main road. Beware the traffic can travel well above the 30mph limit. We suggest you cross the road at or beyond the turning for Sandford Close where its safer and you can get a better view of the road in both directions.

Up the hill to Church Lane on the left. Further along is the Royal Oak pub, should you wish to stop for lunch or a drink.

Turn left and walk the length of Church Lane. Half way along on the right are double gates leading across a field to a pool that is a haven for wild life including Lapwings, Swans and Moorhens. You’ll be coming back round the pool later, but you can cut the walk short at this point if you wish.

Before the left hand bend at the bottom of the lane turn right at a holiday cottage called The Creamary. (If you’re having friends and family over but don’t have the room, this is a great place for them to stay.)

Walk around the bend towards the beautiful 12th century St Nicholas Church. The oldest part was built by the battle hardened Mavesyns and substantially altered during Georgian times. Its well worth a look inside.

Along the lane between the church and the thatched cottage. Follow the lane around the S bend and to a sharp left hand bend near some farm buildings. On your right is an opening into the field.

Turn into the field and walk up on to the long flat bank straight ahead of you. These are flood defences built by the old coal board following mining subsidence to stop the river inundating the main B5014 road. Walk along the top of the bank and follow it round to the left and up to the Hoigh Bridges on the main road. This area is fascinating on many different levels. It’s where William Handsacre met his end in a fight with Robert Mavesyn (see Ridware History Society), where there is a lovely pool, again caused by subsidence, that has become a nature reserce and a favourite with bird watchers. Ahead of you is the two road bridges, the new lower one replacing the cast iron bridge, which is another significant and historical structure.

Over the stile and turn right on to the footpath over the road bridge. You need to cross the road at the entrance to the old bridge near the junction with Kings Bromley Lane. Take a moment to walk up on to the old bridge and admire the view all around.

You now need to walk along the footpath at the side of the main road up the hill to Handsacre. At the top of the hill is the The Crown pub. Handy for a drink on your walk and also some food. Michael’s Fish and Chip shop is next door should you feel hungry.

Back over the canal bridge and turn right through a rather elaborate gate and on to the canal. Walk under the bridge and follow the towpath along the canal, under the railway bridge, past the Armitage Shanks factory on the opposite side, under a bridge leading to Armitage Church and on to a sharp left hand bend in the canal. It’s alongside the railway at this point and the sight, sound and suddenness of 125 mph trains flying past is truly breath taking. Thankfully they’re behind a high fence.

Look for a path leading down from the canal and underneath the railway. It’s a steep tunnel that opens out on to a bridge over the river. It’s another lovely site with the River Trent, the water meadows often with sheep grazing, and the buildings of Mavesyn Ridware laid out before you in a countryside panorama.

Across the bridge is the first of two kissing gates leading on to the meadows. Through the first and across the meadow, keeping to the left hand side, and through another kissing gate at the other side. Here you are a the site of the Mavesyn Mill. now long gone there is a rickety bridge over the mill stream. The bridge deck is safe, just don’t lean too heavily on the railings. On the other side the is a stile on the other side of the path leading to a field.

Across the field and over another stile. Turn left and along the lane, past the farm. You’re now back on the red route.

Over the gate half way along the track and past the old mill stream that channels water from the pool in Church Lane into the River Trent. At the end of the track is a stile by a bridge.

Climb the stile and turn right keeping the water course to your right until you reach another stile. Over this and a short way in front you should see a finger post at the point where two footpaths cross. At this location you need to turn right and over another stile. A good indicator of whether you’re on the right track is that the power lines should be pretty much overhead.

At this point you’re near the other side of the Pool that can be seen from Church Lane and its a great place if you want to stop and admire the bird life. See how many species you can spot.

Walk along the path keeping the trees on the left and the fence on the right. Its a bit boggy elswehere. To the next stile directly at the base of one of the pylons. Once over keep to the field edge on the left and follow the path round to the next stile which you’ll see as a break in the hedge after about 400 yards.

Climbing over you’ll see the two fields are at different heights so do take care. Walk round the edge of the pool and across the field to a stile that takes you over into a track which is the very bottom of Wade Lane.

Up the hill and past the Hall until the path widens out into Wade Lane. Along the lane to the junction with Uttoxeter Road.

Turn right along the main road and past the village hall until you see the Chadwick Arms coming into view on the left

You’re back to the beginning and we hope you enjoyed the walk