Parking and Traffic Update for Lichfield City Centre

Lichfield Car Park

An update on the new initiatives launched by Lichfield District Council in recent weeks. 

Lichfield District Council in recent weeks has delivered several key initiatives to improve to city parking and traffic management, aiming to make the city more accessible, efficient, and visitor-friendly.

In late 2023 Lichfield District Council announced changes to parking charges across its car parks, designed to streamline traffic flow, offer free parking for quick trips and to encourage longer stays a short walk from the city centre.

Councillor Janice Silvester-Hall of Lichfield District Council commented, “We are implementing a multifaceted parking  and traffic strategy and I am really pleased that we have been able to deliver a number of key initiatives in the last few weeks to support an improved experience or drivers visiting the city centre”

The changes that have been delivered over the last couple of months include:

Car Park Pricing Changes:

Free Short Stays: Parking for up to 30 minutes is now free in the short stay city centre car parks, making it easier and cheaper for quick errands or pick-ups.

Cost-Effective Long-Term Parking: Car parks located a short walk from the city centre are now more affordable and the prices have been reduced. Parking for a full day is from only £4. This pricing structure is to incentivise longer-term parking away from the central area, thus reducing the strain on city-centre car parks and allows more people to park every day when they are only coming in for short visits.

City Centre Pricing: Car parks closer to the city centre will see an increase in charges to incentivise longer term parking just a short walk away.  This will free up more spaces during the day making it easier to find a bay for thousands of drivers every year. Evenings will see a small cost for parking in the city centre.

Additional Parking and Improved Accessibility:

The Council House car park in the city centre has expanded to accommodate an additional 84 vehicles and additional blue badge parking spaces have been installed in the city centre.

Making Parking in the City Easier:

Enhanced Traffic Signage: New digital signage has been installed across the city, directing drivers to the nearest and most suitable car parks. These signs include real-time information on the number of available spaces, making it easier for drivers to make informed choices.

Simplified Payment System: The introduction of new card machines in all surface level car parks and a pay-on-exit system at the Friary multi-storey has helped streamline the payment process. The pay-on-exit system allows drivers to pay for the exact duration of their stay, eliminating the need for guesswork and reducing the risk of overpaying or incurring fines.

Lichfield District Council’s traffic and parking strategy is more than just a pricing overhaul. It’s part of a comprehensive plan to enhance Lichfield’s appeal as a visitor-friendly city. By prioritising convenience, accessibility and supporting as many drivers as possible the Council demonstrates its commitment to listening to the community and continuously improving the city’s infrastructure.