W/R/E & Climate Change Looking Forward

Sign that says recycling centre


You may now be aware that we will be required to collect food waste on a weekly basis from March 2026. We are still awaiting what funding will be made available from Central Government to deliver this new initiative. Our expectation is that I would like to see us launch this service sometime around spring 2025.

We continue to look at alternative fuel for our fleet vehicles and whilst we do already have several electric vehicles within the service, we do still need to do more. Work is also ongoing around the options available to us when we will need to replace this ageing fleet over the next few years.



So, we have now almost completed the Organisational Carbon Reduction Plan, following weeks of extensive dialogue with officers and departments to get their “buy-in” to the plan. This will be complemented by the Dashboard that has been built that will inform us as to how we are performing in taking measures to reduce of carbon footprint.

On the Ecology front we are in the exciting early stages of identifying two new nature reserves within the District, and when these plans become more worked up, I will share these with you all. Another piece of work is our Biodiversity Action Plan which outlines specific objectives for nature recovery in our City, Burntwood and the Rural Areas and Villages working in partnership with our neighbouring authorities.



We are now in the process of forming the all-party steering group to start to plan this exciting event for our District.

I know how important this event will be in ensuring we attract the right audience including Businesses, Residents and Community Groups, some of which are already leading the way in tackling climate change in the District.

We will be looking for sponsorship and using the contacts we have in both the LGA and County Council Network to attract key speakers and organisations who can help and steer our journey going forward.

Early in the 2024 we will launch our “Residents Simple Survey” this will enable us to get a steer from residents of their understanding as well as taking any ideas that come back and at the same time start the conversation around the Summit and its aims and objectives.

I am really excited about the prospects of both the Council and the wider District getting on board and making the Summit of 2024 the catalyst in starting our journey to reduce our Carbon Footprint and any other initiatives that will come on the back of the recycling campaign in encouraging us all to Reduce, Re-use & Recycle more , and deliver a weekly food collection service that will generate alternative energy from the food we throw away.

I strongly believe that members and officers are now ready to “Make a Greener and Cleaner District” as one part of our long-term council ambitions.

If anyone has any questions or further clarification, please get in touch.