Register for digital council papers (ModGov)

We use a system called to provide councillors with papers digitally – rather than printing them out and posting them to you – this saves time, resources and energy. Using ModGov, you can search documents, make notes, bookmark key pages, highlight key parts and be even more efficient in council meetings – rather than thumbing through pages, folding down corners and scribbling on notes or relying on post-its to find key points.

1. Get yourself online and use the ModGov app in meetings

You’ll need to get yourself a mobile device with wifi connectivity (essential) and download the relevant app (depending on your chosen device) so you can access digital papers in meetings.

We recommend a decent sized tablet with wifi connectivity (essential) is best, but you can also access the system on an android phone, but it might be hard to read on smaller devices. Please note, if you do choose to use a phone, there is no ModGov app for iPhones, so you cannot access it on on an iPhone. You can however access it on an apple tablet (an iPad), as there is an app for apple tablet devices.

The council does not provide councillors with mobile devices – instead we provide you with an annual allowance, within your member allowance, so you can choose one that best suits you – see a list of devices that are compatible with ModGov. If you need any advice on the best device to choose, please email our ICT manager

The app allows you to make notes on reports, highlight bits, share comments and store annotations for future reference. To get up to speed on using the system, or if you have any issues that will prevent you from accessing council papers through a mobile app, just book an appointment with

Download the app guides:

Help getting started – our team will be on hand at the councillor induction day on 14 May 2019 to help you get started with ModGov and to show you how to fill in your online register of interests – we recommend you bring your chosen mobile device with you.

2. Searchable online council papers library 

The ModGov system publishes all council papers, agendas, minutes and decision notices to a searchable library. Whilst the pages look just like our website, you are able to search for issues (such as tracking a certain decision/key word) or look up what a particular committee has considered in a few simple steps – visit the search.

Why not take a look around? You can take a look around the web pages:

The system also records register of interests and council meeting attendance on an ongoing basis, so is far more open and transparent. We are currently migrating past papers over, so if you need historic papers, please contact