Submit your election expenses – within 35 days

You must submit a declaration of election expenses form, even if you haven’t incurred any costs, or if you were elected in an uncontested election.


You must must return your form within 35 days of your appointment

To declare your election expenses download the forms from the Electoral Commission’s website, or call the Electoral Commission helpline on 020 7271 0500, or email

If you haven’t incurred any expenses during the election, or if you were elected as part of an uncontested election, you still need to submit a nil return.

If you have any questions about how to complete your form please speak to the Electoral Commission team directly.

You must return your completed form to Sarah Pearce, Electoral Services Manager, or call 01543 308008.

You can hand your completed form into reception addressed to Sarah Pearce, Electoral Services Manager.

Please note: Failure to return the completed form by the deadline is an illegal election offence.